To lip

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I think we really like to complicate things when really it’s quite simple …. find what makes u happy – and put it on repeat ! Live life simple …

Change it up

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Be kind to unkind people…

2different ways to sacrifice

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You learn a lot about a woman by what’s she willing to say ‘yes’ for…
You learn even more about a man by what he is strong enough to say ‘no’ to

That is my weekend thought… I close my eyes and I see the big X- I smile with each thought that follows.

Thursday toss

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Laugh as much as u breathe….
Be the game changer …


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You are confined only by the walls you build yourself…
If it does not challenge you …. It won’t change you… Don’t think u can go to a gym and walk out looking like the way you did when u walked in…
Tonight I walked out trashed.. I pushed til my body couldn’t take it… If u can’t go full out… Go home … When u think u hit your limit … Push harder… Reach ur PR. I wish I could tell u what I think about… But it’s a zone… Can’t even describe what goes thru my head… Definetly a fight… The best moments are when I look down at my watch… See the zones I tackled… See how I maxed out my heart rate… Recovered low… And beat down weights and cardio with my average HR at 164 with a max of 183 … Endurance, strength, exhausting muscle, lengthening, and building…
I love cardio… Love running… I love the feeling of my heart racing (makes me think of amazing moments in my life) the rush – awww I love it ! My thunder …
Weights… Ohhh that is my light … Countin reps… Fighting sets … Breaking the limits… That is motivational boost… I don’t know why but I curse in my head- it’s silly…. It’s kinda like this when counting reps 1- u got it 2. Feels good.. But 7-15 I am saying – shit u got this, awww shit don’t let the weight get u. … 15- is usually exhaling ‘holy f____’. I am not one for cursing… But weights get the best of me… But the results are worth it…
Protein cheers – Ching ching!


Flip the switch

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Worry doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles… It takes away today’s peace!

Not waiting a year for summer

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I find him most gorgeous when he is not dressed to a T.when he is jus laying there with his hair jus messy, laughing about something that happened years ago- not trying to impress anyone- and taken down the wall built for many… Those are the moments I can’t take my eyes off him …

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My lil chef- 78 ways to cook a egg, proud of my nephew, pursuing his dream.



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I always thought I wanted to look good…. Until I realized how good feeling strong is… I got to a point where I was excited to have such gains. It’s what I always dreamed of. But I did not feel right, struggled with the ideas of continuing on. So overall I decided less gains… Makes me happy.. When I decided this journey 3yrs ago- I wanted to be at my best by the time I hit 40. Not 40 but feel I am at the top of my game… I accomplished this… I did this alone- I fought alone- I felt defeated, dropped weights, threw them, struggled with each set, and somehow I found beauty in my strength … I am not done, I don’t think I ever will be… What I am most proud of is sharing the journey with my family, my youngest has been killing it at the gym 3nights a week, my oldest drops to the floor randomly to do push ups, sit-ups, before dinner after dinner , before a shower after a shower – walking past mirrors flexing the bi’s and showing off his tris. It’s not about becoming fit , it’s about living a healthy lifestyle- zero processed food, shopping on the outer perimeter of a grocery store- no added sugars and no sweetners… Sure it was difficult to do the change, and everyone fall in love with healthy choices… But if u have crap in ur house, you eat crap, and u feel like crap…my kids are happy, positive, and what a change in their moods. I loved fast food as a treat, I loved Big Macs – now it actually makes me feel awful… I loved cooking from a box – so simple- but once I paid attention to the ‘shit’ that is in processed food I vowed not to do that to myself or kids… Even simple things like perogies, Alfredo, soups, canned tomatoes/paste /sauce. OMG never again will I do processed food- including lunch meat – gross!
Look at labels, if u don’t know what a ingredient is-why put it in ur mouth… Feed your temple with good nutrition … It’s not a diet- it’s healthy living- one life- live it :)
Cheers to a terrific Tuesday !

Stairs … The booty blaster!

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Great things never came from comfort zones ….
Challenge accepted


Strength defies logic

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If u train hard enough …. you will be hard to beat

Five, six, seven, eight

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Don’t confuse motion with progress…. A carousel keeps moving …but does not make any progress …
Gnite-keep tight


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There are two kinds of people in this world…. Givers and takers… The takers will eat better… The givers will sleep better …

Midnight smiles

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Your body hears everything your mind says …

Critical breaking point

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There is a fine line between pushing yourself and being hard on yourself…

Sunny days filled with smiles

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There are far better things ahead… Than any we leave behind

40 days 40 nights

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Success takes sacrifice

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Protect your name… It’s your brand!
Feeling fabulous on this fine Tuesday … Much motivation after a evening filled with encouragement and push!



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Muscle time- the best time of the year…


My morning…

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A vow to Thursday- Today I will take it easy…



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