If u want to know someone’s mind … listen to their words… if u want to know them and their heart… watch their actions.  It’s not rocket science, take a step back and look .. 

My boys are amazing … hard exterior but soft heart… when they tell me stories I always think “my gentle giants”  … I know I made my mark on them.. i never think  of them being men – cause they are always my babies … but eyes wide open.. I raised some phenomenal men, who actually “get it”  passionate about life, passionate about others- 

Passion doesn’t fail

Today was not just another day at work. I received light…that shines….Work is work but humanity is divine….

Physically we change as we grow older… but a good heart will remain beautiful as long as you live!

My 3

What’s your 3?  I guess I am more private but those are the top 3 – I guard and protect such things as someone always has something to say …