my boy… He was asked :)  (her prom)

Come over and help get groceries out of the car… Of course he drove over immediately …… to find this … His smile … Warms my heart… 


Soooo listening to all these girls at the gym about how they gotta put makeup on before the gym .as they spray there Burberry perfume on..and how it took this one girl so long to find a outfit for the gym… Honestly who are they there for? Themselves?  

As they take selfies … I realized…I Felt   great as I found beauty in my strength… Sweat dripping, hair soaked, makeup wiped off.. I am there for me… So I can grow old and have as long as possible with my family… I wanna be a great great grandma – that’s a life goal … 

So cheers to beauty in strength…  And the raw me! 


zip it

GI- 77- sweat it out – intense – it’s these moments that I will grow from … Heal from …

The power of my heart is unparalleled to any other physical strength I may develop…  Some take disappointment, and sit with ice cream, and whine about it, I turn it into fuel .. Pushing myself beyond … Taking my breath away…  

@jusfrancine #parkbench  


The heart wants what the heart wants… Truly there is no logic to those things… 

I can say I was lucky enough to have someone so extraordinary in my life… Him saying goodbye was very hard…. And me letting go-even harder.. (Can’t be successful with everything I guess)

Spring has Sprung

sooo Spring definetly  made the mark on the Island… Happy Spring… 

The sauna….. its my haven.. Honestly has made a huge difference with gym sessions.i wish I knew what a positive impact it would make on me a long time ago..  

All your suggestions on summer vacays were awesome… And so happy no one said camping. 



so thoughts and suggestions on vacation getaways.. Want to travel state side or Canada … No air … 

places that will take my breathe away. 

Currently have 4weeks of vacation … Plan to burn them up over summer months. My usual NYC trips will be weekends for some ball… So those don’t count. 

Know of any hot-springs other than colorado?  I know ya’ll are better than google …  Tell me … I am ready to plan ☀️🌴

The card reads… Thank u for your time

i am at fault for ending many friendships, without ever talking about it again. Always able to move forward and onward as I felt something so negative is not worth the weight it bears on me.  I tend to reciprocate a friendship with whom is true to themselves. I have accepted and loved them for all that they are as they are honest with themselves- and all with those around

I have had a hard time dealing with a friendship that has ended after 8years … But today it hit me- I was so raw in the relationship, open book, take me as I am kinda girl … 100% in … Loved every piece of the friendship, I felt free,  loved how that friendship made me a better woman… So when it came to a crashing halt- I felt catapulted, my heart no longer was linked to my feet to hold me up strong. For days I have felt I needed to blame them – digging for their faults to make me feel better about a lost friendship… it took me some days to harden me up… Truth be said…. 

Feathering ….. Sunrise….. Sunset… Memories beat the scenario of happy endings