endo #3

When all u want is a Popeye panini … Or a steak, or hefty black bean burger … Starving I guess 

Thursday can’t come soon enough..  Stronger than yesterday .. 


time 2 ride. 

Soooo I think I fell in love… 1989 dodge –  limited…  Who would think u would be topless in a pickup ! The owner comes up to me… And invited me in to take pics.. I felt like a lil girl in a candy store. He made my night… I know it’s not a muscle car or classic…  But that was my beauty.. #canalfest #carshow #deprived #july22 

Throw your sass  

Not to be held… But embraced 

I read that on a sign yesterday – it was a advertisement but those words have run thru my head.. 

I recall

There was a precise moment when I had a strange feeling …when I was about to leave a place, I was not only going to miss the person I loved, but I was going to miss the person I was, at that time, and at that place… Cause I knew I would never be that way again…  Since then I have embraced the change, but held on to dreams…