Work it

i swore I was able to do the splits after years of dance it was second nature to have flexibility… I guess as u get older who would think that flexibility goes away- lol 

So this is my challenge.. I can feel it in my hamstrings that’s what tight… So cheers to flexibility and working on splits that I never knew I lost. I trained with a Rockette- that last few years of my competing years and I remember grabbing two folding chairs and standing on them and pushing the chairs further away til I was in a split. At that point it was huge core work for me- to balance like that… 41years old… And I am gonna own it again! What’s a better way to add adventure? Find something to challenge yourself! 

On it

when u feel on fire…  Def on point. Rejuvenated, muscle memory is a fantastic thing.. Funny how u squat for one reason but have to run to take some of the squat benefits away- I had booty before it became popular! 😆



so I really like to do my part … And I vowed I would at least give back what was given to me 25yrs ago… I have not reached that goal but I will… 1pint at a time- I can’t do a double donation cause I don’t weigh enough… Go figure.  Being O- is much in need … If I can make anyone go,that would be amazing… 9 people saved my life…  U can do the same…  Keeg was unable to- he never liked it the first time but now he has to wait a year from his tattoo. So next Mother’s Day I will get him to go… If I can get my kids past the “I don’t like needles” I will be very proud if they could jus do it for me… As I am a strong believer in this… Represents life… It saved me.. I was 30mins away from seeing the other side.  But we all know I wasn’t ready…  😉


endo #3

When all u want is a Popeye panini … Or a steak, or hefty black bean burger … Starving I guess 

Thursday can’t come soon enough..  Stronger than yesterday ..