No one really understands the struggle…

It took everything out of me to jus keep walking…    This is what makes me want to change my profession! Wtf is that trainer doing?


I tend to get cardio in whenever, where ever, giving myself a short time frame… (While food is cooking in the oven)  it pushes me… Tackle numbers.. For me I need numbers and they have to fall “even” it’s a lil quirk –   Cheers to loving cardio!


toes in the sand

For u all who work your butts off and earn your keep… Cheers to us for this phenomenal long weekend – Labor Day weekend!  Cheers to our kids who are pursuing their education and starting the next chapter to their lives. Time for us to kick off our shoes – enjoy – celebrate 

90degrees – sunshine – amazing weather the last few weeks… And so much more to come.  To my girl who hates the GI bridge – selfies and distractions – I got this 😆 



if u have a child 16 or younger- remember they are your child- get a grip -look what ur kids are posting on social media. Twitter and “children” full of lies and insecurities – show ur kids some attention – and they won’t be thriving off the internet for it. 

Go back as far as u can on ur kids Twitter, Instagram, grab there phones and look at what the texts are- they are your kids, you are the responsible for their actions. Don’t be so naive… Tell ur kids to act their age, don’t rush thru these great years. Girls want to be older… So dependent on having a boyfriend, craving attention – negative attention at that – shuffle thru their stuff, push for a positive environment .. Push studies , education, and dreams- if u hear ur daughter has another new boyfriend- beware, she is probably making a pretty sleezy name.  Parents with boys…. Push push for respect ..He should Respect everyone they come in contact with… Girls need to respect themselves –  what u do on social media will haunt u, from getting a job, and finding your love.  Parents- make the wise choice in “truly knowing” your children. Know their social life, don’t jus pass them 20$ for a movie… Know their friends- not jus the name.   GET A GRIP

Work it

i swore I was able to do the splits after years of dance it was second nature to have flexibility… I guess as u get older who would think that flexibility goes away- lol 

So this is my challenge.. I can feel it in my hamstrings that’s what tight… So cheers to flexibility and working on splits that I never knew I lost. I trained with a Rockette- that last few years of my competing years and I remember grabbing two folding chairs and standing on them and pushing the chairs further away til I was in a split. At that point it was huge core work for me- to balance like that… 41years old… And I am gonna own it again! What’s a better way to add adventure? Find something to challenge yourself! 

On it

when u feel on fire…  Def on point. Rejuvenated, muscle memory is a fantastic thing.. Funny how u squat for one reason but have to run to take some of the squat benefits away- I had booty before it became popular! 😆