not good enough

When habits are not as easy to break.. When you fall back into the trap.. Honesty is the breakthrough .. Finding the truth … And able to break free from a cycle that keeps turning. 

If u don’t know …. it doesn’t hurt u ..  Some believe.. 

The skies don’t appear blue on a grey day… 


Happy Family Day (Family Day -stat holiday in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, in the American states of Arizona and Nevada) 

Can take me out of Canada but u can’t take the Canadian outta me… 

Truly I celebrate and very grateful everyday for being blessed with the most amazing boys ever… Gabriel – my first love, and Keegan who steals my heart everyday ♥️


Chapter 2 of 12

… So I swear by the time my kitchen reno is done- I will be able to have my own show on DIY network .. I find it very difficult to have so many choices… I have it pictured in my head… But then I have 100choices … Nooooo – it makes me second guess everything… I over think everything… 

Anyways… Happy February – may the shortest month be filled with extraordinary days ..