Between the sheets

Jus think of all the places your mind wanders…. Chasing, running, flying, swimming,lifting, digging, floating thru – all while inbetween the sheets… Your most intimate thoughts, the secrets you hold close, winding thru your day , your heart slows down, you find that comfortable spot, your final thoughts that bring a smirk to your face, satisfaction of your day… Drifting…. Swiftly fading into the reality of your dreams..  

Day of birth

When u wanna do something but don’t know what- suggestion- travel to the 42nd state

Makes me laff – I google- it’s Washington- after reading wiki – I find its everything I am not crazy about-


amphibian – frog (creep me out)

Dance- square dance (can’t stand country)

Fish- trout (don’t like any fish – it’s a texture thing)

Food- Apple (the sound of apples is like nails on chalkboard)

I will not be traveling to Washington – lol

I have some time/ not really ruling anything out- but safety is key as it is – me myself and Irene 


Murves- the perfect balance of muscle and curves… 

I gotta say yes… I did get lean with cardio – but I like muscle- and u lose muscle with cardio… Sooo tomorrow it starts… 

Jus so hard to be in a gym when it’s so nice out!  But no excuse – mission to murves.. (Positive note – muscle memory is incredible)