When such a beautiful word, a beautiful act can be ruined by a acronym… 

I would usually smile, give a lil giggle to the word… but maybe i was jus blindsided all along… I will keep to my proper English, (some would beg to differ with my French tendencies) old school- rant over ty ❤


Filled with passion, determination, and love of life! One life … live it
Worked on some intervals … and legs ..  I use to get to 183 as my max.. not sure what has happened… but nothing beats targeting on the muscle monitor… if u don’t want walk off feeling weak in the knees -get back on!


It’s ok to have someone in your heart and not in ur arms…  no one can take them from you there! 

#worldgym #hiit #heavy #vacaytime #greatestdistraction to reality .. forever dreaming!